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Define Your CompanY Purpose & Identity

Why is branding important?

A brand strategy can help guide your company. A brand is your mission, why you do what you do. Your visual identity should match your company philosophy, and that’s why you need a branding agency with the skills to help you reach your goals! A promise is what makes your brand memorable.

What is your company’s mission?

Mission defines purpose. A brand should have a powerful message. The mission statement is the end result of how you want customers to feel about your company. For instance, if your mission is “To save the world,” then it’s up to you as a brand designer or marketer to make that happen! We’ll help you create an attainable mission statement.

Every company has a purpose, something that they do that makes them special and unique. But how can you ensure your brand is memorable? You have to first define what your company’s purpose is.

Defining your company’s purpose will help guide brand development. We’ll show you how to build a brand that captures customers’ attention so that you can generate more revenue!

A brand’s promise is what makes your brand memorable.

Your target customers don’t just need to know about your company; they have to want it – and that means building a promise for their lifetime. What do people think when they see your logo? Think about the feelings, associations, values, or beliefs you hope to elicit in others with each of these four elements:

  • Color – Is there an association with color from another culture’s flag?
  • Fonts – Does one font evoke more emotions than other fonts?
  • Typefaces – Do some typeface combinations convey better meaning than others?
  • Symbols & Logos- Were any symbols taken out of context and used by someone else before?

What are some examples of branding that you’re familiar with from popular culture and media in the United States today? I’ll give one example using color.  Blue clothing has been calm and serene since ancient times. In Western cultures, blue symbolizes trustworthiness because we think about the sky when we see it and water, which sustains life. That’s why this color is often the base for law firms and large financial institutions and corporations.

What is the personality of your brand?

The personality of any business comes through in their branding and marketing efforts, so it’s essential to get this right! Brand recognition is key to competing and we’ll develop a strategy that helps prove the quality of your brand and conveys the reason for their purchase.

Defining your brand image starts with asking the right questions:

  • Do people love or hate your brand?
  • Do people feel good or bad about your brand?
  • What type of person is drawn to the kind of message that you want to send out into the world through your branding efforts?
  • How does the customer experience with your product make them feel?
  • Is it a good time, an easy choice, a pleasurable purchase?
  • What do your customers think about when they hear the name of your company?

Perception defines personality. We’ll help you answer these questions and more as we work together to create a brand that aligns with your goals and customer expectations.

Who are the people using your brand?

We will help you outline a company philosophy depending on the type of person you’re trying to attract by answering the following questions:

  • What are your customer’s traits and behaviors?
  • What do your clients expect from your brand?
  • How does the customer experience with your product make them feel and does it inspire loyalty?

Many people only think about logos when considering branding, but branding is an emotion, tone, an attitude, or outlook. And building a community around your brand requires planning.

Call us to help you build a full brand strategy that elicits customer loyalty.

We’ll develop a brand kit that gives your company a voice:

  • Creating your company’s mission statement. This is why your company does what it does and should be distinguished between competing companies in the same market space. It could also include how customers can expect to feel when they purchase or experience your product or service for themselves.
  • Designing a logo that aligns with these goals of the brand guidelines. We’ll create a style guide with the right colors and fonts that make all the difference if you’re trying to attract people who identify as introverts versus extroverts, for example.
  • Developing an appropriate color palette that supports branding efforts but doesn’t overwhelm consumers visually.
  • Conducting market research to help you better understand how consumers interact with your brand and then designing a website for the best user experience.
  • Working with our SEO experts to place relevant keywords and slogans in your website content, so it’s more easily found by people searching online.
  • Developing other assets and marketing materials necessary for delivering your company’s message to your customer.
  • Creating a social media strategy that makes sense.

Branding Ideas for Your Company

How do you start?

You hire us! We will design a full brand strategy that allows you to reach your marketplace goals. From there, we will provide the content, logo, website, and other design assets you need to move forward successfully.

We’ll design all of your marketing materials so they have a consistent look: flyers, brochures, presentations, forms, letterheads, and even your business cards. And we’ll design it with the psychology of your customer in mind.

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