Which 2019 Website Builder is the Best for Small Business?

There are many Website Builders to chose from when creating your new responsive web design for your small business.

Though similar in their block building nature, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding which website page builder to go with.

Why should you use a website page builder?

The short answer is because they make it easier to drag and drop text and images and place them exactly where you want them on your web page.

Website page builders also make it easy to style individual elements on your web page without any knowledge of CSS or HTML code.


What are some examples of Page Builder?

DIVI Website Page Builder for WordPress

Pros: easy to use and has the most options to style and transform text and images.

Cons: price

Divi Is the WordPress Theme builder I use to build nearly all of my web designs.

Here are some others:





Elementor has a free plugin version which can be downloaded from the WordPress directory.


Or use the Affiliate link below to download the Premium version of Elementor.

Which 2019 Website Builder is the Best for Small Business? 1
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