What is the difference between a WordPress Page and a Post?

What is the Difference Between a Blog Post vs. a WordPress Page ?

A WordPress beginner often has trouble knowing where to start writing their first article and where to place it on their new WordPress Website. In our last blog post,  we cover how to setup a WordPress website. The next logical question to ask when looking at the WordPress dashboard is should I write a page or a post?

To create a new Page or Post, use the WordPress Dashboard and click on “Add New” under the appropriate heading.


When to Use a WordPress Page

A Page is used when the content is static and not changed frequently. You use pages for content that is promotional in nature like your home page, about page and contact page. These pages contain information that is always going to be the same in nature, though the words may change.

When to Use a WordPress Blog Post

A Blog post enables you to add meta information like date, categories, and tags that help group ideas into separate subjects. This makes the content easier to search which is why it is used for blog articles or other content that needs to be grouped together by category.

Which one should I use?

The short answer is use both. Use pages to create static content that doesn’t require additional information. Use posts when content needs to be categorized or organized by date.

Can I switch?

It is easy to switch if you need to just cut and copy the content into the page or post and delete older version.

So now your have set your WordPress website up and have created a web page by adding a new page or post. What’s should you do next? Look for our next article on adding images.

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