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We need a few good people to help complete our digital marketing projects!

J Browning Studio has digital marketing jobs available for experienced and dedicated partners to help us complete our web content and design projects.

Digital Marketing Jobs for SEO Experts

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Digital Marketing Jobs Available

Length of Job


Web Content Writer

Successful applicants will write persuasive fundraising copy for website pages on various topics. Primary responsibilities are to write copy, and recommend styles, techniques, and formats. Must be a detail-oriented team player who is able to work independently. 

Per Project Basis, work is remote.


Social Media Intern

Social Media Intern will maintain, improve, and expand a clients engagement and growth on all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Seeking a creative mind with a great energy and good communication skills. Knowledge of WordPress, Social Media Platforms and Adobe CC applications.  Good photo editing skills preferred but not required. 

Please send a BRIEF COVER LETTER specific to social media internship: a. Explain what makes you the right candidate for a social media intern. b. Tell us why you think you understand social media marketing.  c. Give us one clear example of good social media outreach you respect. d. Please show us your favorite social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube (one each) e. List the most recent digital marketing jobs you have completed.

Am I qualified?

Temporary, Month-to-Month, Work is Remote.

Project Based

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